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Hi Fantasai, really great to know we will have this great event in Beijing China (our home country), I think my Intel colleagues and myself can be there to support.

Especially, as some of my colleagues had participated the June event, and did learn a lot from you guys, so this time, we want to take this great opportunity to help promote and evangelize W3C CSS Test Framework to our Chinese friends. :)

Therefore, I just wonder whether we can take a sharing/training session or sth. the like to talk about what we've learnt from June SFO event, as well as our own QA experience on:
- How to write good W3C CSS3 spec tests
- How to use test harnees, debug tests, and also...
- Some tips on auto test, bug lifecycle, etc. 

Actually, we are drafting the detailed proposal topics with short abstract, and it would be great if we could become a presenter during this event.


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Hello CSS standardization experts and enthusiasts!
Adobe is helping to organize a cross-community "Test the Web Forward" event on 20-21 October 2012 in Beijing and on 26-27 October 2012 in Paris.
The goal is to teach people to write W3C good conformance tests and get more people involved in CSS testing. If you are interested in participating as a CSS expert to help guide other participants, particularly if you can speak Chinese/French, let us know!

For Beijing the plan is to focus on the following test suites:
   - CSSOM View
   - CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
Flexbox is also under consideration. But it really depends on who can show up to be the guiding expert on these things, and that's where you come in!


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