Re: [css3-conditional] Submitted a few TCs

Le Jeu 2 août 2012 8:22, Florian Rivoal a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've submitted a few TCs for @supports in
> contributors/opera/submitted/css3-conditional/

> This is the first time I submit TCs, so I am sure I did it wrong, but
> hopefully not too much.


I have checked quickly a few of them. Those are actually pretty good
ones. Although ...

1- The title should start with "CSS Test:"
For specifications other than CSS 2.1, you can include the module name
somewhere before the colon, like “CSS Selectors Test:” or “CSS Test

So here,

<title>CSS Test (Conditional Rules): ...</title>

<p>There should be a green square below and no red.</p>

a) The "below" word is unneeded. (I would say the same for "after",
"after this sentence", after this line", "afterwards", "following",
"next".) You want the pass/fail condition sentence to be as short and
meaningful as possible.
b) Because several tests have used borders to create a shape, then
several tests are now upgraded to be distinctively stating "hollow
square" and "filled square".
c) I proposed to embolden the most important words of a pass/fail
conditions sentence to help testers (eye scannability, skimmability of
text to read) reading sentences. So, here, I'd say the most important
words describing the pass/fail conditions sentence would be "no red".

Example given:
is being reused for several dozens of tests.

3- Listing properties in rules in alphabetical order is preferred but

should have / include
<title>CSS Reftest Reference</title>

regards , Gérard
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