Re: My Test Results: Firefox 3.0.10

Jerod Lycett wrote:
> they list. Tests 40,42,44,45 are all red, no green at all. Test 48 shows
> red not green, but is clear after that. 49 is clear but shows red. 51
> fails in the same way. 57 Nothing is green even after highlighting,
> though I am not sure what the desired result was. 89 has red in the
> examples. Tests 91,93,95,97 all fail. 103 and 104 both fail. 107 also
> fails. 138 the whole test div is green backgrounded. 139 selecting
> everything made them still look different. Tree on the right is in
> crosshairs, on the left, nothing. 141 the border changes color but not
> the selection. 171,173,174,176 fail.

Hi Jerod,

Which test suite are these results for?


Received on Thursday, 17 September 2009 18:31:10 UTC