Advice sought about combining css testing with databasing of code variables


This is my first posting to this list which I joined for the following 

1.  I understand that those with substantial experience of css can be found 
2. The focus of the list is upon css testing.
3. I am thinking of embarking upon a project which
   (a) needs to validate existing css code and having done so
   (b) can then extract css code variables, the snippet of code that contains 
each variable and then index the variables and the snippets and store the 
extracted data in a mysql database.
4. I am in serious need of advice and guidance about tools that could help me 
achieve these goals. 

It occurs to me that any tool capable of parsing css may also be capable of 
extracting snippets and identifying variables. The question for me is what 
tools might provide a good starting point.

May I thank you in advance for your replies

David Southwell

Received on Monday, 19 October 2009 13:41:20 UTC