Re: CSS2.1 i18n and bidi tests for review

Eira Monstad wrote:
> Cheers,
> I've been working on some bidi related tests for the 2.1 testsuite, as 
> well as converting a few of Richard Ishida's tests for language 
> dependent styling to match the testsuite template. The tests are ready 
> for review at


Good test. r+


This one doesn't do a very good job of testing what it says it's testing.
I suggest updating the second list's instructions to say

   This list should be indented from the right
   And should be right-aligned
   With bullets to the right.

or somesuch. Likewise for bidi-list-003.xht.


Like the text-align tests, this should explain what 'justify' means, e.g.
   should be justified: the text should line up with the box edges
   on both the left and right sides.


This test needs to also require that the list items be left-aligned.


Similarly this test should require right-alignment.

You need a test for text-align: center. Also these should all list the
list-item section, given that they are requiring bullet placement and
that's specced there.




I'm not sure what exactly this test is trying to prove.



At least some of these tests need to prove that the 'direction' value
on the <li> is being used to determine bullet placement rather than the
'direction' value on the <ul> or some other element.

Also these tests all need ltr equivalents.


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