Re: Importing tests from one suite to another

Grant, Melinda wrote:
> fantasia said:
>>    In each test we have a link to the appropriate spec section.
>>    What if instead of independent source directories for each
>>    CSS3 module collected together all CSS tests, and each test
>>    had links to the appropriate spec sections for each spec they
>>    tested? Then the build scripts for each test suite could
>>    trawl the set of all tests and build only the tests that
>>    apply to that particular test suite.
> The disadvantage with this approach is that it requires someone
> to manually modify each test to add the new spec link at some
> point -- probably when it goes to CR.  For instance someone
> should now modify all the (applicable) CSS1 tests to point to
> the right 2.1 sections.

I don't think there's any way to automate this. Someone needs to
manually do /something/ for each test. Whether that's adding it
to a special list, or making a copy of it, or rewriting it from
scratch, or adding a new spec link doesn't change that fact.


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