Re: Testing SHOULD

fantasai wrote:
> There are three levels of requirement in the CSS specs
> MUST - the behavior is required
> SHOULD/RECOMMENDED - the behavior is required unless there's a
>                      good reason not to do it
> MAY - the behavior is allowed
> We're testing as many MUST requirements as we can, of course,
> but it would be useful to also test SHOULD requirements. However,
> we should distinguish these tests somehow from the MUST tests.
> I was thinking to have a flag for SHOULD tests. Not sure what
> to call it... optional? should? recommend?
> Comments?
> ~fantasai

I would say RECOMMENDED since 'should' or similar 'could' are quite weak 
words considering there 'should' be good reason not to do it (the 
behavior). For MAY I 'would' like OPTIONAL instead.


Received on Saturday, 3 May 2008 00:57:20 UTC