Re: high DPI tests

Arron Eicholz wrote:
> Elika,
> We have been mulling around a few ideas about how to make tests work in 
> any DPI setting. We have come to the conclusion that we either need to 
> use a ‘highDPI’ flag for all tests that can support highDPI which would 
> probably be a large number of them or we need to create a new flag that 
> defines that the test is only good for one certain DPI (i.e. 96dpi). I 
> would prefer to create a new flag that is ‘[num]dpi’ where ‘num’ is the 
> dpi level that the test will always work.

Agreed that there should be a 96dpi flag. We'd need to go through existing
tests and flag them for that, too, since there's no existing marker for that.

> We also need to update the test suite documentation to note that tests 
> should be designed to work in all DPI levels. It currently states that 
> the tests can make an assumption that 96dpi will be the default setting 
> when rendering tests. (

Not exactly.. it says that some tests /do/ make an assumption that 96dpi
will be the default setting.. But you're right, it doesn't say that you
shouldn't do this if possible. I'll add that to the documentation.


Received on Wednesday, 9 April 2008 07:18:57 UTC