Re: Media Queries parsing

On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 11:53:41 +0100, Stewart Brodie  
<> wrote:
> The empty string is not a valid media specifier according to the syntax
> definition in the specification, so I agree with you there.  However, the
> discrepancy between "" and "," does not feel right.  I don't think you  
> can have it both ways - you'd have to modify the syntax for  
> media_query_list to permit an empty string for the whole media query and  
> define it as being an alias for "all".

The WG decided that @media { ... } was not acceptable and that therefore  
HTML and equivalent languages will have to special case media="".

> Did you ever resolve the "not foo" issue?  The issue being whether  
> unknown media types are always false, regardless of the 'not', or  
> whether this case it true because the not always negates the result of  
> evaluating the rest of the query.

"not foo" means the media query in question will be ignored.

Anne van Kesteren

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