Re: Question about CSS Test Suite

> Im writing to ask about spec. test suite samples.
> I tested some samples on w3c css spec test-suite.
> But, I dont know what is an exact answer of sample.
> For example, there is a sample t1606-c562-white-sp-00-b-ag.htm which
> Described as There should be a single green block below.
> I tested it on IE6, FireFox2, Opera9, and many other browsers.
> But I cant find any browser which rendering the page as described.
> So, I dont know what is an exact rendering result.
> There are so many samples but there are too weak description.

The description is typically as precise as it needs to be.
"There should be a single green block below" means there
should be one (no more no less) green-filled rectangle below
the sentence. The sample you are testing probably doesn't work
because it requires the Ahem font, which is a special font
designed for CSS tests. You can download it here:

> Question : All samples on test-suite is tested on what browser ? or Its 
> a just ideal result description ?

It is just an ideal description. (Note that some of the tests may
be wrong since parts of the spec have changed. It is just a draft
test suite.)


Received on Wednesday, 16 May 2007 11:39:15 UTC