Re: Possible Bug in CSS Selector XHTML Test

On Monday 2005-06-13 06:10 -0700, Jackie Weber wrote:
> We were running the CSS3 XHTML Selectors test 19a
> (
> when we noticed that all the user agents we tried
> (Firefox, Safari, and Opera) are failing the test
> because they set the paragraph block to ":active" when
> it is clicked. However, we were unable to find
> anywhere in the CSS recommendations where it specified
> that block-level elements may not be ":active". What
> recommendation is this test based on?

The working group already agreed that this test is incorrect and should
be removed from the test suite.  (I raised the issue in February.  It's
on the CSS2.1 post-CR issues list, for some reason, as issue #117.)

It's worth noting, though, that a test that the paragraph *is* activated
would also be incorrect, since I think it is undefined which elements
can be activated.


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