[Bug 25411] Confusion over the specularExponent attribute


--- Comment #8 from Dirk Schulze <dschulze@adobe.com> ---
(In reply to Paul LeBeau from comment #7)
> I've added a couple of test files.
> The one labelled "Test combinations of specular exponent" has four squares
> lit by the four different combinations of the two vales of specularExponent.
> My recollection was that there were significant different between the three
> browsers Chrome, FF and IE when I originally reported this bug.  Now the
> renderings still vary but are quite close.  Perhaps bugs have been fixed.
> With the second file "Specular lighting of a raised ring shape ", Chrome is
> significantly different from the other two.  FF and IE11 are similar, but
> not exactly the same.
> My experience is that almost any test file involving the lighting primitives
> will show up significant differences between the browsers.  Perhaps the
> descriptions of these primitives need expansion or clarification to remove
> these differences.  Or perhaps there needs to be more tests for these.  IIRC
> there are only about half a dozen lighting tests in the test suite.

This was discussed and we added notes to make sure that authors see where the
differences are.

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