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[Bug 26470] New: Clarify behavior for gradientTransform and patternTransform (Wednesday, 30 July)

[Bug 17844] Spec img.x/y (Wednesday, 30 July)

[Bug 26466] New: s/Excensions/Extensions/ (Wednesday, 30 July)

[Bug 26463] New: CSS Table Cell Calculated Height (Wednesday, 30 July)

[Bug 26432] New: Specify that filter regions clip input (Thursday, 24 July)

[Bug 25671] Clarify the effect of inserting a new @keyframes rule (Thursday, 17 July)

[Bug 20609] Multiple occurrences of the same 'animation-name' in animation shorthand (Thursday, 17 July)

[Bug 20454] [feature-request] steps() timing function sometimes unintuitive (Thursday, 17 July)

[Bug 25667] [feature-request] Animation timing keywords for better bounce animations (Thursday, 17 July)

[Bug 26294] New: CSSOM-View extensions to Element.scrollLeft and Element.scrollTop are not valid WebIDL (Tuesday, 8 July)

[Bug 26270] New: produce tokens for "/*" and "*/", or define an unclosed comment as a parse error (Saturday, 5 July)

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