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[Bug 26692] New: Clarify whether zero duration animations fire start/end events (Thursday, 28 August)

[Bug 25666] Clarify what media Animations apply to (Wednesday, 20 August)

[Bug 26608] New: Provide a way to specify font for list-style-type (Tuesday, 19 August)

[Bug 26588] New: transform-origin: value definition and description is inconsistent (Friday, 15 August)

[Bug 16328] Use of "containing block" does not match CSS2.1 definition (Monday, 11 August)

[Bug 25685] Seems that WindowProxy open should have [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] for compat with Blink and Firefox<27 (we have a bug report from regressing this). (Tuesday, 5 August)

[Bug 26516] New: Allow resize events etc to be synchronized with animation frames (Monday, 4 August)

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