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[Bug 14064] css2.1/t090204-display-change-01-b-ao.html attaches load event handler to document rather than window

[Bug 14172] <frequency>, <time>, and <angle> should require units even for zero 0

[Bug 14437] Editorial issues with small-caps

[Bug 14440] Editorial tweaks to sentence wrt font-variant

[Bug 14670] note about not using display: table as data table in accessibility apis

[Bug 14763] Remove Applies-To lines

[Bug 15372] Flex code in CSS2 appendix incorrectly lexes at-keywords

[Bug 15382] Typos in 15.5 ('font-variant')

[Bug 15383] Incorrect terminology in 15.5 ('font-variant') : replace "letters"/"characters" with "glyphs"

[Bug 15385] 6.1.2 discusses 'inherit' as a specified value, yet 'inherit' can never a specified value

[Bug 15387] Not clear what 'inherit' on shorthand properties means

[Bug 15388] "Computed Value" line for 'float' is wrong

[Bug 15389] Flawed description of float position when a source-preceding box has a negative vertical margin

[Bug 15391] "Computed Value" line for 'font-weight' is wrong

[Bug 15392] % height inside of auto-height container should result in % computed value but used value is determined as if computed value were 'auto'

[Bug 15393] Numbering error in painting order rules in Appendix E

[Bug 15395] Processing model of 'content' is not sufficiently defined

[Bug 15448] page-break-* shouldn't create a break if you're at the top of the page

[Bug 15449] Description of quotes nesting level is inaccurate

[Bug 15457] Computed value of 'content' property seems undefined for :first-line and :first-letter

[Bug 15458] Computed Value line of 'content' property fails to handle the case of <string> or <counter>

[Bug 15460] Unclear how non-auto width cell in first row determines column width in fixed table layout

[Bug 15461] Auto-height table row ignores explicit cell heights

[Bug 15462] Does auto-height table row height depend on padding+border of cells or just height?

[Bug 15466] A column box should not span multiple columns

[Bug 15467] Incorrect example in 17.3 (Columns)

[Bug 15530] 2 errors in section 17.6.1 The separated borders model ; diagram of width of table

[Bug 15564] Trivial typos - bulk bug report

[Bug 15566] Phrases like "is treated as", "computes to" are unnecessarily vague

[Bug 15568] Grammar - escaping of single quote (') is unnecessary

[Bug 15569] Trivial formatting issue in G.2 (Lexical scanner)

[Bug 15571] When *exactly* do elements not increment or reset a counter?

[Bug 15572] Do 'visibility:hidden', 'display:none' elements reset a counter?

[Bug 15573] Box model for inlines in bidi paints margin/padding/border on wrong side

[Bug 15574] Ambiguous definition of containing block of absolutely positioned elements with ancestor inlines in bidi context

[Bug 15575] Trivial editorial issue in 9.4.2 (Inline formatting contexts)

[Bug 15576] Selectors3 changes the restrictions on the :lang pseudo-class

[Bug 15577] Border vagueness in definition of table width in fixed table layout

[Bug 15579] Defined term "proper table row parent" is merely used to define "tabular container"

[Bug 15580] Definition of "consecutive" in 17.2.1 (Anonymous table objects) is unnecessarily wide?

[Bug 15581] Convoluted sentence for generate missing parents in 17.2.1 (Anonymous table objects)

[Bug 15664] Unexpectedly-located table-column elements hinder fixed table layout algorithm

[Bug 15665] Unclear how column count in fixed table layout is determined

[Bug 15666] Which "first" row determines column widths in fixed table layout?

[Bug 15671] Should anonymous blocks be able to establish containing blocks?

[Bug 15672] Term "ancestor box" is ambiguous in definition of containing block (Issue 142)

[Bug 15679] elementFromPoint and CSS regions

[Bug 15702] Does the root element establish a block formatting context? (Issue 209)

[Bug 15735] Terms "form controls" and "frames" are used without describing which languages they come from (Issue 256)

[Bug 15736] Rewrite phrases of the form "if property 'x' is set" since all properties exist for all elements (part of Issue 262)

[Bug 15737] Description of box model properties refers to width of (e.g.) margin area instead of margin piece

[Bug 15738] 'list-item' elements are not the only ones which may generate additional boxes (Issue 271)

[Bug 15739] Incorrect wording used for flowing content to "the other side" of a float (Issue 273)

[Bug 15740] The term "rule" is used sometimes to mean "declaration" and sometimes to mean "rule set" (Issue 277)

[Bug 15742] Clarify where line boxes are permitted next to floats (Issue 288)

[Bug 15743] Margin collapsing: editorial issues

[Bug 15744] Margin collapsing: certain rules should depend on "collapsing" margins not "adjoining" margins

[Bug 15745] Margin collapsing: overflow:hidden boxes no longer self-collapse

[Bug 15746] Margin collapsing: zero-height, zero-min-height boxes with self-collapsing children no longer themselves self-collapse

[Bug 15748] top margin edge - hence static position - is not well-defined

[Bug 15749] Remove note about zero-height line boxes from 8.3.1 (Collapsing margins)

[Bug 15750] Margin collapsing: exclude block formatting contexts from some of the notes

[Bug 15772] Clarify that it's the /computed/ value used in used value algorithms for width/height in 10.4 and 10.7

[Bug 15773] Rule 5 for float placement needs minor editorial tweak

[Bug 15774] Over-simplification in description of how clearance acts as spacing above top margin

[Bug 15775] Clearance: editorial issues

[Bug 15776] Height definitions in 10.6.1 and 10.6.3 also apply to anonymous boxes

[Bug 15777] Height description in 10.6.3 contains various editorial problems

[Bug 15778] Clarify that content area height of inline box doesn't depend on its descendant boxes

[Bug 15779] Example of overflow situation confusingly focuses on absolutely positioned elements

[Bug 15780] Editorial issue in 8.6 (bidi)

[Bug 15880] Interaction of scrollbars with the CSS box model is not well-defined (Issue 208 etc)

[Bug 15881] An attempt to define float position when a source-preceding box has a negative vertical margin

[Bug 15882] Proposed editorial simplification to description of block formatting contexts in 9.4.1 (Issue 263)

[Bug 15883] Make undefined the used height of auto-height replaced elements with intrinsic ratio? (Issue 283)

[Bug 15884] Trivial editorial issue in 9.4.1 (Block formatting contexts)

[Bug 15885] Incorrect "Applies to" line for the 'clear' property

[Bug 15886] Incorrect statement of application of the 'float' property in 9.5.1

[Bug 15887] Editorial problems with Example 1 in 9.5.2 ('clear')

[Bug 15888] Incorrect "Applies to" line for the 'line-height' property

[Bug 15889] Misleading definition of <length> value on 'line-height' property

[Bug 15890] Description of 'vertical-align' values refers to baseline but inline replaced elements don't have one

[Bug 15891] Proposal to define the baseline of an inline replaced element

[Bug 15892] What's the baseline of an inline table with no rows?

[Bug 15894] Position of top content edge of non-replaced block-level elements is not clearly defined

[Bug 16033] Stacking contexts: incorrect edit made to 9.9.1

[Bug 16072] Margin collapsing: clarification needed as to where a collapsed margin manifests itself

[Bug 16113] How horizontal margins of a BFC block adjacent to a floated block should be rendered

[Bug 16116] Term 'intrinsic style' not defined

[Bug 16119] [9.5.1 Floats] How nested floats with one zero-height margin box should be rendered

[Bug 16225] Margin collapsing: switch the order of the "adjoining" and "collapsing" parts of 8.3.1

[Bug 16226] Margin collapsing: Clarify Note in 8.3.1 to use computed values of properties

[Bug 17120] Index corrections - bulk bug report

[Bug 17123] Percentage values of height are not well-defined

[Bug 17124] Negative values of padding and border-width should be explicitly illegal

[Bug 17126] Unclear box tree behaviour of 'content'-generated replaced elements

[Bug 17127] Border edge of a collapsed-borders table cell is not defined

[Bug 17130] Margin collapsing: clarify the transitivity

[Bug 17131] Fixed table layout algorithm should clarify result when cell has horizontal padding greater than the column width

[Bug 17132] Ch. 17 (Tables): does term "cell spacing" refer to 'border-spacing' property?

[Bug 17133] table layout: border conflict resolution should happen before layout in collapsing border model

[Bug 17134] Strange max row height for non-auto-height table rows

[Bug 17135] Border vagueness in definition of table height and in layout algorithms

[Bug 17136] Ch. 17 (Tables): Invalid reference from 17.4 to 17.5

[Bug 17137] Incorrect references to table box's containing block for sizing algorithms

[Bug 17138] Stricter use of box terminology throughout in spec (follow-up to Issue 120, inc Issue 266)

[Bug 17505] Wider set of properties should apply to table wrapper box instead of table box

[Bug 17510] Trivial editorial flaws - bulk bug report

[Bug 17511] Add comment to clarify simple_selector production in G.1

[Bug 17513] Unclear how width of absolutely positioned table is determined

[Bug 17514] URI token should be agnostic to escaping the characters 'u', 'r', 'l' (reopening of Issue 23)

[Bug 17614] align-vertical:middle issue

[Bug 17753] 10.6.5 fails to cover all cases

[Bug 17764] Inconsistency between computed value of 'letter-spacing' and 'word-spacing'

[Bug 17778] Undefined term "block equivalent" used in painting order rules in Appendix E

[Bug 17779] Can a replaced box be a table box or an internal table box?

[Bug 17780] Can an internal table element establish a stacking context?

[Bug 17782] Painting order in Appendix E fails for tables whose captions have negative stack level

[Bug 17783] Appendix E painting order does not handle replaced table cells or inline children of table cells

[Bug 18344] Appendix E imprecise about background propagation to canvas

[Bug 18494] Example 7 should reference IDENTS and not use strings

[Bug 18724] 10.3.9 should refer to "atomic inlines"

[Bug 18930] Do all rendered elements generate a principal box?

[Bug 19505] Describe visual direction when document encoding is iso-8859-8

[Bug 19738] Conformance criteria around omitted-unit zero lengths are unclear

[Bug 20092] Ability to have "adjacent" keyframes / "instantaneous" interpolations

[Bug 20231] New: DSS [Dynamic Style Sheet] Idea. A separate branch for CSS.

[Bug 20246] Provide a system to observe nodes entering and leaving the viewport

[Bug 20262] New: Styling of first letter pseudo-element in Indian languages

[Bug 20262] Styling of first letter pseudo-element in Indian languages

[Bug 20266] New: styling of vertical arrangement in Indian languages

[Bug 20266] styling of vertical arrangement in Indian languages

[Bug 20269] New: styling of horizontal spacing in Indian languages

[Bug 20272] New: Word Boundaries (Hyphenation) in Indian languages (UAX#29) Text Segmentation

[Bug 20284] Line breaking in Indian languages as per the Unicode Standard (UAX#14)

[Bug 20284] New: Line breaking in Indian languages as per the Unicode Standard (UAX#14)

[Bug 20289] New: not resolving relative lengths to 0 absolute lengths

[Bug 20328] New: new method, like document.elementFromPoint(), but in the document's coordinate space

[Bug 20454] New: steps() timing function sometimes unintuitive

[Bug 20461] keyframe selector unit specifier: implement s,ms,µs

[Bug 20461] New: keyframe selector unit specifier: implement s,ms,µs

[Bug 20522] New: :sorted, :sorted(ascending), and :sorted(descending)

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