Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-adjust-1] Combine forced-color-adjust and color-adjust properties somehow? (#3880)

> `color-adjust` has been shipping for quite awhile, used to get backgrounds to print, so we need to continue to support the current syntax.

I just looked at the Almanac 2020 data, and `color-adjust` is only used in 0.25% of pages. Actually, `print-color-adjust`, a nonexistent (?) property is used in 0.17% of pages, which indicates how incredibly confusing this name is. Lastly, `-webkit-print-color-adjust` is used in 1.19% of pages.
I don't think there's a huge web compat cost to changing the name.
I'm not even sure `print-color-adjust` would be a good name, since whether backgrounds print is not about adjusting colors at all…

> * Elements that have `color-adjust` to get backgrounds to print should, for the most part, still be affected by forced-colors mode, so we can't combine the two into one switch.
> There's one use case where pretty much any imagineable color adjustment (the ones that exist, and ones we might invent in the future) should be turned off: color swatches. It would be nice if there was some way to indicate this without encouraging authors to overuse it.
> But overall it seems like pages are more likely to make errors if we cascade these two switches as a single property than if they are separate. :(

What about making `color-adjust` a shorthand of `print-color-adjust` (name TBB) and `forced-color-adjust`? 
Depending the specifics of the shorthand syntax, that could also mitigate any web compat issues.

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