Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-variables-1] Custom properties and serialization (#5685)

I've editted the spec to reflect the point in (1):

>  Specified values of [=custom properties=] must be serialized
>  <em>exactly as specified by the author</em>.
>  Simplifications that might occur in other properties,
>  such as dropping comments,
>  normalizing whitespace,
>  reserializing numeric tokens from their value,
>  etc.,
>  must not occur.
>  Computed values of [=custom properties=] must similarly be serialized
>  <em>exactly as specified by the author</em>,
>  save for the replacement of any ''var()'' functions.

Along with an example and some reasoning for this (I remember the UUID case being brought up earlier).

I don't think this change has been approved by the WG, but it's implemented that way in Gecko (and possibly now in Chrome?) so I suspect it'll be a nice easy rubber-stamp. Tagging Agenda+ to get the resolution tho.

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