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Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-sizing-4] Expected size of replaced element with aspect-ratio but width/height auto (#5721)

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Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 18:01:41 +0000
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The CSS Working Group just discussed `[css-sizing-4] Expected size of replaced element with aspect-ratio but width/height auto`, and agreed to the following:

* `RESOLVED: Take TabAtkins's last comment in GH`

<details><summary>The full IRC log of that discussion</summary>
&lt;dael> Topic:  [css-sizing-4] Expected size of replaced element with aspect-ratio but width/height auto<br>
&lt;dael> github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/5721<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: cbiesinger brough up case of image with intrinisic size. Set a-r that's not that of the image. Previously not possible. Question is what is this supposed to do? Have a jpeg that's 100x100, set a-r as 1-1. What does it render<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: No clear answers. leaverou made a poll with inconclusive results. We need an answer. Looking for opinions and ideas about why it should be an answer<br>
&lt;dael> TabAtkins: I have a preferred answer here. The a-r property by virtue of it being explicit it should be honored and then we round sizing as normal. Use ratio determining, take natural size, process trhough spec a-r and use it. Added a comment on GH<br>
&lt;dael> TabAtkins: In the jpeg example of 1x1 a-r we set width to natural width and then we make it square. You asked for it to be square so I think people would expect that<br>
&lt;fremy> LGTM too<br>
&lt;dael> iank_: I agree with TabAtkins' analysis<br>
&lt;fantasai> wfm<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Some consensus. Might be easiest to get a good answer by declaring an answer and use the get an answer by saying something wrong and getting people to say why wrong<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Prop: Take TabAtkins's last comment in GH and resolve on that<br>
&lt;dael> cbiesinger: Takes writing mode into account?<br>
&lt;dael> TabAtkins: Yeah, ratio determining for axis takes writing mode into account<br>
&lt;dael> RESOLVED: Take TabAtkins's last comment in GH<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Thank you everybody<br>

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