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== [css-sizing-4] aspect-ratio min-content size with % width ==

Usually, aspect-ratio is supposed to behave like a replaced element with that ratio. However, there is one behavior difference:

If a replaced element has a percentage width, the min-content size becomes 0:

This is not the case with aspect-ratio, and when combined with contain-intrinsic-size this can lead to undesired effects, quoting from an email I got:

> 1. Go to https://dvoytenko.github.io/aspect-ratio-css/#x-intrinsic-and-float
> 2. Make the window smaller. Around innerWidth=300 you can see things pretty well.
> 3. Observe that both "Native", "Emulated" and "Images" sections are identical and things are as expected.
> 4. Now, in DevTools disable `max-width: 100%;` from `.intrinsic-and-float .outer-cell {}` rule.
> 5. Observe that all "Emulated" and "Images" are the same. But "Native" now expanded to the full size in the contain-intrinsic-size.

Should this behavior be spec'd for aspect-ratio?

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