Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] math/inline-math (#5385)

> but from an implementation point of view, since these math values are going to allow new combinations and potentially lead to security bugs

I think it's the opposite actually - making some values need special handling is usually what complicates implementations.  It's also harder to spec, and for authors to learn, a bunch of special rules for a _subset_ of a property's values rather than having the property  behave in a uniform way for all its values.

These new math `display` values should apply to all (pseudo-)elements exactly the same as other `display` values.  So, `<math>`  is from a box construction point of view exactly the same as `<div style="display:math">`, and conversely, `<math style="display:block">` is exactly the same as a plain `<div>`.  The UA sheet should have a `math { display: math }` rule that the author can override as they see fit (same as we do for `<ruby>`).

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