Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] math/inline-math (#5385)

@MatsPalmgren `<math style="display:block">` is exactly the same as `<div>` but `<div style="display:math">` is *not* the same as `<math>` since we agreed that non-MathML elements would compute to flow (this is easy to do in the style adjuster). So you might not like it, but with the current spec and browser MathML implementations, having this exception for pseudo-elements too does not add complexity. On the other hand, allowing pseudo-element mrow definitely adds a new thing to handle in the implementations and for the spec / tests (perhaps not difficult but again I'm still waiting for a strong justification here).

BTW I disagree with the justification in ; for Chromium's implementation trying to align on ruby's model does not help at all for the MathML implementation, we can either choose to interpret `display: math` as block (like grid, flex...) or as inline (like ruby), that's a choice in the CSS parser that does not affect the MathML layout code. I think it's ok to choose inline since MathML3 says `<math>` is inline while block need a special `display="block"` attribute.

In general, I don't think trying to absolutely following `<ruby>` is correct here. MathML layout is much more complex and there are too many tag-based rules inherited from MathML3 ; we are not proposing to introduce a new display for each MathML tag or even just for each "kind of layout" (which could be controversial anyway since things like `display: fraction` would imply mathematical semantics instead of being just pure style).

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