Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-overscroll-1] Should overscroll-behavior change the behavior of a subframe? (#5129)

I think @smfr has been confused by my (probably incorrect) initial WebKit's patch and testcase at where I used something like `<iframe style="overscroll-behavior: none">` 

Reading the current overscroll-behavior spec, overscroll-behavior only applies to scroll containers ( i.e. have scroll overflow as specified by overflow-x/overflow-y). So I don't think overscroll-behavior applies to iframe.

I think it would be consistent with scroll-behavior here, which applies to scrolling boxes ( ) instead and says " When this property is specified on the root element, it applies to the viewport instead.".

See also the related #2977 about whether the property should be read on the root element or on the scrolling element. This only matters for quirks mode.

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