Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-adjust] Re-add `only` to mean "don't auto-adjust me", per WebKit's behavior (#5089)

So, if we were to spec the Mac Mail behavior, my current understanding is that it would be something like:

> If the user's preferred color scheme is not among the listed color schemes (in the [`color-scheme` property](, the user agent **may** switch to `forced-colors` mode or otherwise modify the displayed colors to meet the user's preference (e.g., by using an inverted-color display).  The `only` keyword indicates that this type of modification is likely to be detrimental to the user experience.

There would need to be a note warning that `only` is just a suggestion: user agents may still use forced-color mode if that's what the user needs, and that all web content should be designed with that in mind. There should also be examples of sensible uses of `only` (e.g., color swatches on an store website, partially-transparent images that would disappear if the email's background color were inverted).

One other complication that would need to be defined: if you use `only` on a part of the page, how does that interact with [`forced-color adjust`](, if a forced-color like effect gets applied to the rest of the page?

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