[csswg-drafts] [css-color-adjust] Is WebKit doing color-adjustment not described in the spec? (#5089)

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== [css-color-adjust] Is WebKit doing color-adjustment not described in the spec? ==
Last year, in issue #3881, there was some side discussion that suggested WebKit was doing reacting to 'color-scheme' in a way not described by the spec. I summarized it in [this comment](https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/3881#issuecomment-490113295):

>> We described this last year in #3299, which is still open. Indeed, it does look like that original intent (color scheme transformations at least) was lost in translation.
> Ah, you're referring to "If the user's preference does not match something in the list, the UA is allowed to apply transformations to the content (e.g. apply high-contrast)." from Simon's post.
> If that's the extent of it, opting the page into forced-colors mode, then that's fine, it's just a separate feature that's technically orthogonal to this.
> But if y'all are planning on doing something separate from forced colors, please actually describe it in a new issue so we can talk about it. We're trying our best to make sure these features are described accurately and fully, so authors can have a reasonable idea of how their pages will look. If the "same" feature ends up still acting substantially differently between browsers, then there's no point to it being standardized at all.

No one from WebKit responded after that, so I'm still not sure whether WebKit implemented 'color-adjust' as described in the spec (+ maybe an (allowed) switch into "forced colors mode", as described in the spec, if the user preference isn't reflected in 'color-scheme'), or if they're doing something novel and not reflected in any spec.

@smfr, @hober, @dino, can y'all figure this out for me? WebKit invented this feature and shipped it before a spec existed, so we've been forced to specify it after-the-fact by reverse engineering. If we've gotten it wrong, please tell us how.

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