Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-shadow-parts] Unifying ::part() and ::--foo (#4900)

> (Alternately, we just use ::part, no parens, to name all the parts, and all the part names are classes, like I'd be happier with this variant.)

This is actually very close to what I've been thinking lately.

I'm not happy with the conflation of tag-like and class-like behavior in part names. I strongly feel that shadow parts should really just be custom pseudo-elements and have a single tag-like name, just like built-in pseudo elements do. I want to expose built-in behavior not create something special and different.

I do see the value in the additional class-like behavior, and my current thinking is that could be exposed as classes of the pseudo-element to selectors. There's no way for anything else to assign classes to pseudo-elements so why not? Note that actual classes assigned to a part should not break the encapsulation of the custom element and be visible outside it.

      <custom-day part='day' part-class='weekend holiday' class='internal-class'>1</custom-day>

(I don't care what the 'part-class' attribute is really called)

A weekend holiday would be selected via:
` { ... }`

The 'internal-class' can be used by stylesheets attached to the &lt;custom-calendar> but is not exposed to anything that contains a &lt;custom-calendar>. If the &lt;custom-day> itself exposes custom state or additional parts, those would simply be exposed and could be selected like:
` { ... }`

I'd be ok with parts having multiple part names, but those would be an 'or', e.g. you could select &lt;custom-day part='foo bar'> as either `::--foo` or `::--bar`, but never `::--foo::--bar` because that would be a bar part inside the foo part. (Which also brings the question if the part name should be specified as `part='--foo'`, I think so). Multiple tag-like part names would allow flexibility to evolve the internals of a custom element without necessarily breaking users, but then can't be (ab)used for class-like behavior. 

Alternatively we could define the first part name to be the tag-like name and others to be class-like, but I think that's problematic when you start manipulating them, e.g. toggle the first one off and you just redefined the tag-like name.

If the class syntax doesn't work for some reason, my fallback would be exposing the part's class-like names as param of the pseudo-element, e.g.
`custom-calendar::--day(holiday weekend) { ... }`

Either approach gets rid of `::part` and aligns this with custom pseudo-classes.

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