Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] Add a new property to replace `display: none` declaration (#4897)

This was called [`box-suppress`](

> The `display: none` value was historically used as a "toggle" to switch between showing and hiding an element. Making this reversible requires either setting up the CSS cascade carefully, or remembering what the `display` value was before it was set to `none`. To make this common use-case easier, this module introduces the separate `box-suppress` property to do the same thing, so that toggling whether or not an element appears in the formatting tree can now be done without affecting its display type when it *is* displayed.

But was deferred to level 4, [Changes Prior to CR Status](

> Deferred the `box-suppress/display-or-not` property to the next level of Display, in order to provide time for further discussion of use cases. 

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