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Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] initial-letter should allow zero sink? (#3698)

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Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2020 16:40:13 +0000
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The CSS Working Group just discussed `[css-inline] initial-letter should allow zero sink?`, and agreed to the following:

* `RESOLVED: allow sink of 0 for initial letters`

<details><summary>The full IRC log of that discussion</summary>
&lt;dael> Topic: [css-inline] initial-letter should allow zero sink?<br>
&lt;dael> github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/3698<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Are myles and Dave on?<br>
&lt;dael> myles: It seems clearly valuable given examples and impl shouldn't be hard. Seems good<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Did you see my last comment on details?<br>
&lt;dael> myles: I can do that<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Basically we have rules about where things get pushed below and initial-letter. Just need extra details for this case. Where line is pushed and size of initial letter. I'm asusming size for initial is 15 with a 1 line drop which should be same size as with 0 line drop. Measuring from line below initial instead of next to<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Accomodations for descenders needs an extra bit to avoid colliding<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Have rules about descenders that would continue to apply<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Need to have rules for this spec text<br>
&lt;dael> myles: I think I'm with fantasai that both cases size and descenders are both present when sink is not 0 so we should make the solution general to apply to all sinks<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: In agreement. Just in my reading doesn't seem to cover all cases so want to make clear consistent sizing and descendar<br>
&lt;dael> astearns: Obj to allow sink of 0 for initial letters<br>
&lt;dael> RESOLVED: allow sink of 0 for initial letters<br>

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