Re: [csswg-drafts] Let’s Define CSS 4 (#4770)


"I think there's a lot of good CSS features that aren't getting the use they could get because most working devs simply do not have the time to haunt the WG's communications and there's nothing like a clear, organized feed summarizing new features and how widely supported they are."

I don't entirely agree with this premise. I do agree that there's CSS parts that are not known well enough and therefore are underused, which indeed is a waste.

Yet I don't agree that this is due to a lack of tools to get to this information. Subscribe to any of the top 5 front-end newsletters or main web development blogs and it's impossible to miss what is going on with CSS. Spend the bare minimum of 30 mins per week and one will know what's going on. You won't master each topic, yet you will at least be aware that they exist.

When developers don't bother to use these channels, it may be due to other reasons. A general lack of interest/passion, being unaware of them (which means they didn't even try), or taking the very popular JIT approach to web development. 

What I'm saying is that a well written, well organized CSS4 resource certainly won't hurt, yet the idea "build it and they will come" seems naive to me. There are already a ton of excellent educational sources out there. If these currently fail to reach a particular audience, I don't see how another new one would change that. Based on a version change only.

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Received on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 21:57:42 UTC