Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] limit local fonts to those selected by users in browser settings (or other browser chrome) (#4497)

@r12a wrote:

> I'm worried about the impact of this on minority language users, and also specialists such as egyptologists, and other script researchers. 

It helps to look at the [taxonomy of users]( suggested by @hsivonen; the egyptologists would fall into group 6

> If users can opt to allow certain fonts which are never likely to appear in the browser defaults, it sounds like they expose themselves to fingerprinting, which doesn't make this a great solution for large numbers of people.

Only if some web page has  

<p class="foo">π“†“π“‚§π“†‘π“†“π“‚§π“€€π“ˆ–π“π“ˆ–π“₯𓂋𓍿𓀀</p>
.foo {font-family: Segoe UI Historic};

and then tests to see that Segoe UI Historic in fact loads. Any other font covering Egyptian would not be tested here.

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