Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline-3] Shift top | bottom | center values from alignment-baseline to baseline-shift (#5180)

They're definitely not `baseline-shift` values, either, they're not shifting relative to another alignment.

But syntactically, the important question is how they combine. Does it make sense to align and then shift?

E.g., `vertical-align: text-bottom -2px` has a meaning (align based on the `text-bottom` position, then shift by down by 2px).  I think that `vertical-align: top -2px` makes sense, although I'm not sure if it would create layout loops. But what would `vertical-align: text-bottom top` mean?

I agree that these aren't a perfect fit for `alignment-baseline`, since they don't use baselines at all, they use line boxes. If it doesn't make sense to add a baseline shift in addition to one of these alignments, maybe they could be a separate set of values for `vertical-align` that replace the baseline-based alignments altogether? E.g., the syntax for `vertical-align` would be `[<'baseline-source'> || <'baseline-shift'> || <'alignment-baseline'>] | <line-box-alignment>`, where a line-box alignment keyword makes the others irrelevant.

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