Re: [csswg-drafts] [mediaqueries-5] `prefers-contrast: high` media feature doesn't account for macOS and iOS (#2943)

Thanks for the comprehensive summary, @frivoal!

> `prefers-contrast: no-preference | low | high | forced`

Sorry for not having followed this discussion, but why is there both `prefers-contrast: forced` and `forced-colors`? When would the former apply but not the latter?

> Microsoft Windows's forced colors still maps to `forced`, but now may map to `low`, `high`, or `increase` depending on the actual colors chosen?

I definitely agree that we shouldn't match `prefers-contrast: high` if a user has selected low or moderate contrast colours.

I am curious to understand the usage modes of Windows High Contrast Mode (WHCM) in practice. I recognise that the colours are user-configurable, but to what extent are users modifying the colours chosen to enable a contrast preference other than "high" (along the lines of the extremely contrasting default values of black background and fully saturated yellow/cyan/green/white foreground colours)? I would like to better understand the user needs behind choices of low-contrast and increased-contrast colour options for WHCM.

> Do we actually really need to distinguish between “somewhat high” and “very high but not forced colors”?

This captures the key question extremely well.

My feeling is that the answer is yes, we do need to distinguish between those two concepts, because the user needs and the resulting accommodations are quite distinct from one another. In particular, a site or theme which meets WCAG AAA would likely be suitable for "increased" but likely not for "high" contrast.

Even though it's not currently possible for a user on Mac to enable a "high" contrast preference (or "low" for that matter), or for a user on Windows to enable an "increased" contrast preference, I think leaving scope for those preferences to be added would be preferable to conflating these two modes.

Whether we are likely to ever have a "very high but not forced colours" preference is debatable, but even if we don't, I think it's still helpful to understand that the colours that have been chosen represent a high contrast preference (or low contrast, as the case may be) for things like icon images.

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