Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-variables] Substitution of invalid variables into other variables (#5370)

So this is about, right? Which landed in Firefox 76, which is most definitely not the most recent stable release (that was released mid-may, so we've been shipping this for more than two months).

As I said in I'm not particularly a fan of the current behavior (I slightly prefer the previous one). That being said, I see arguments both ways, and switching behaviors back and forth is really unfortunate, as @andruud said.

If the spec changes I'd be ok changing behavior in Gecko again, though given the discussion in #4075 and the fact that all browsers now agree on the behavior I think the value of the spec change needs to be huge.

> Independent components can no longer be nested (especially if they're two instances of the same component) if they use the same variables and rely on fallback behavior of var references var(.., UNREACHABLE). (This is arguably the single most important reason the previous FF and Chrome behavior was very useful)

Can you clarify? Your example with `code` and `i` needs an extra variable indirection to produce red, but an author could pretty much use `--color: initial` to get the fallback behavior on the background image. Or they could use the fallback for color like: `--color: var(--foo, lime)`, right?

cc @tabatkins

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