[csswg-drafts] Update text/css registration (#5310)

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== Update text/css registration ==
Currently the text/css registration is that in [RFC2318](https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2318), which refers to CSS1, and its definition of the `charset` parameter seems completely bogus (and doesn't fulfil [RFC6657](https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6657)'s recommendations).

Rationally, I think this should be in the Snapshot, but as a WG Note I believe we can't have a normative registration there. So, um, CSS2 (which is the only place we reference RFC2318, though see #5299)? Syntax? Neither really makes sense IMO…

https://www.w3.org/2020/01/registering-mediatypes is the current W3C guidelines for registering a MIME type.

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Received on Thursday, 9 July 2020 18:38:36 UTC