Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-tables-3] Special weirdness of replaced vs. non-replaced percentage resolution (#5063)

Isn't that already defined in the spec?
> 3.10.2. Row layout (first pass)
> [...]
> For the purpose of calculating this height [=the minimum height of a row], descendants of table cells whose height depends on percentages of their parent cell' height (see section below) are considered to have an auto height if they have overflow set to visible or hidden or if they are replaced elements, and a 0px height if they have not. 
> For table-cell descendants whose percentage height was ignored as a result of the above, a second layout pass of the table-cell content will happen once height distribution has concluded to attempt to properly take this sizing into account (see section below)

Or is this about something else which I'm missing?

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