Re: [csswg-drafts] Let’s Define CSS 4 (#4770)

>  Would it help to officially define CSS4, and what’s in progress for CSS5?

Speaking from a developer and CSS teacher/advocate perspective, **YES**!! 

And per the other conversation here, I love the prospect of continuously versioning CSS. Versioning is a familiar practice among other programming languages, and one that I believe would encourage developers outside of "the inner-CSS circle" to take CSS more seriously, and to approach it as a true language. (similar to points from @mandymichael)

On my team (and many others), there is a lot of reliance "the CSS person" to be in the know regarding new CSS features, and to decide what to incorporate into a code-base and when. I believe consistent, ongoing versioning would help make CSS more accessible to more developers, and provide a much clearer update path for applications like design systems and UI frameworks. "What new CSS should we use?" is a current conversation in the WordPress core community, and an explicit version and changelog would be extremely helpful.

>  What goes into those two buckets?

I am not intimately familiar with different levels and status of new parts of the spec, so this is very high level, but perhaps useful for thinking in buckets:

CSS4 (features most developers are aware of / starting to use regularly):
- Grid
- Custom properties ("starting to use regularly" is perhaps an overstatement, but still)

CSS5 (things uncommon outside the "inner-CSS circle", or things that are still in draft stage):
- Subgrid
- aspect-ratio
- Variable fonts

In terms of how the versioning works, there are many options for versioning out there in addition to JavaScript's – [WordPress](, [PHP](, and [Python]( are a few that come to mind for me, but really any language could be an interesting reference. 

If a decision is made to consistently version CSS (I hope! 🤞), perhaps a next step could be outlining some different options for versioning and requesting community feedback via a formalized questionnaire?

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