Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-conditional] testing support of properties and values with partial implementations (#3559)

Is there any development on doing this either through an alias or an improvement to @supports? Using `gap` in the context of Flexbox is virtually non-existent to me since it's not checkable.

I'm stumble upon the above modified Modernizr check but frankly it's at that point much easier to use a mixing through some CSS framework to "mask" gap so for instance calling a mixing called "gap" via `gap(value)` to something like

& > :not(:last-child) {
  margin-right: value;
for instance. Obviously you'd have to account for Flexbox direction to make it a bit more generic, but imo just ignoring the feature all together and using mixing, which is virtually available in all CSS frameworks such as Sass, seems perhaps more straightforward.

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