Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-pseudo] Which properties to reset in ::marker (#4568)

Ok, pushed some wording changes:

- made it clearer that the restrictions apply to declarations directly on ::marker, not to properties that inherit to it
- applied to author + user origin rules, as @Loirooriol suggested in
- switched MUST to RFC2119 SHOULD since it seems like there are some things that are a bit difficult to handle like this, and there's no point in getting to the bottom of a temporary system.

Let me know if this is workable, or if the wording needs additional tweaking. CC @tabatkins for review.

As for whether this is the right approach or if we should go ahead and define marker layout... 
I note @MatsPalmgren’s objection and insistence that we should just define outside marker layout, but as @faceless2 noted “the devil is in those details”. I've worked on a number of layout specs, and I'm familiar with the range of issues that have been raised against outside marker layout over the years and I am *quite* sure this is not a trivial project. Should we do this? Yes. But in the next level, because the rest of this spec is comparatively done, and we should get it wrapped up and sent to CR.

If anyone wants to start work on the outside marker layout project *right now*, I invite you to start a css-lists-4 delta ED in the repository and start drafting it up. I can't prioritize it right now personally, but this isn't to say that we shouldn't be working on it. But I think it will take 1-3 years, not 1-3 months, before we shake out all the issues and that's with someone actively working on it. Which is why I don't want to hold up everything else in css-lists-3 (most of which is already shipping) to wait for it.

In the meantime, I think it's best to disable most styling of ::marker until we can work out what exactly it means, so that authors don't build a dependency on particular behaviors that we end up wanting to change as we work through all the outside marker layout issues. If you disagree on *this point* and would like to argue for letting whatever interop and Web-compat constraints fall out of authors exploiting various layout properties on your implementations dictate what we're able to define for outside marker layout going forward, please make a cogent argument to that effect. But I think it's safest if such properties don't have any effect until we are agreed on what exactly that effect will be.

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