[csswg-drafts] [css-text] Inconsistency on how 'break-spaces' value handles the first space of an overflowing sequence (#5783)

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== [css-text] Inconsistency on how 'break-spaces' value handles the first space of an overflowing sequence ==
I think the following statement of the White Space Processing Phase II is incorrect, or at least, inconsistent with other statements about how we should handle the first space of an overflowing sequence when the white-space property is set to 'break-spaces':

> If white-space is set to break-spaces, hanging or collapsing the advance width of the spaces, tabs, or other space separators at the end of the line is not allowed; those that overflow must wrap to the next line. 

I think the last sentence "those that overflow must wrap ..." is not correct and should clearly state "those after the first space that overflow ..." instead (or something like this).

The current statement is inconsistent with what Phase I describes: 
> ... However, for pre-wrap, a soft wrap opportunity exists at the end of a sequence of spaces and/or tabs, while for break-spaces, a soft wrap opportunity exists after every space and every tab. 

It's even clearer in the specific prose of the 'break-spaces' value:

> A line breaking opportunity exists after every preserved white space character and after every other space separator (including between adjacent spaces).

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