Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-5] [css-values-4] Interpolation and mixing of colors (#5392)

> Interpolation of is defined as the independent interpolation of each component (red, green, blue, alpha)

Wow, that RGB-centric text badly needs to be updated. Premultiplying in a gamma-corrected RGB space is also inherently incorrect.

In general, interpolation needs an overhaul. There is a start on that  with the [Interpolation section in Color 5](

Compositing also needs an overhaul (actually, a whole new level, which adds XYZ compositing in addition to the existing, badly broken, Photoshop-compatible sRGB gamma corrected compositing).

CSSOM mentions of color, which assume RGB, need an overhaul.

Values and Units, which assumes RGB, needs an overhaul.

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