Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom-1][mediaqueries-5][css-color] Dealing with bi-plane (video/graphics) when reporting values (#4471)

CSS doesn't do booleans, because they're often a bad design for the reasons Amelia brought up, but it's easy to assuage that with an enum that currently just has two values, but can be extended in the future.

And Chris is right; media types other than screen/print are deprecated and we don't plan to do any further work in that space. Overall they were a failure for what they intended (implying a number of MQ features as a bundle, before we invented the rest of MediaQueries), and we instead just handle their use-cases with more MQs when necessary. They were never useful for y'all's desired purpose, of reporting different values to some MQs based on what media type is being asked about, because they're evaluated totally independently of the rest; in effect they're just a `(device-type: ...)` MQ.

So yeah, I'm with Amelia and Chris in preferring option 2, where we define some video-* MQs that duplicate some of the existing MQs, but specifically refer to the video plane.

Like Amelia said, I don't think we need to carry over some of the weirder legacy color/sizing MQs, but I do think height/width are useful, so I suggest `video-color-gamut`, `video-resolution`, `video-width`, and `video-height`. Is there anything else that needs to be exposed for negotiation? @vi-dot-cpp mentions transfer function; is that something y'all will need?

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