Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-lists] How should spaces be treated in markers? (#4448)

Three observations on this:

1. If spaces are in ::marker, they're there because the stylesheet explicitly listed them, either in the `content` property or in `@counter-style`. Trailing spaces (one or more) are also used to separate the marker from the content. So whitespace should definitely _not_ be collapsed, at least not by default, which means inheriting white-space from the parent is not an option. At the very least you'd need a user-agent rule like `::marker { white-space: N }`

2. Markers are aligned against the first in-flow linebox descendent of the list-item - so if the list-item's first child is a block, for example, it's that child's linebox. I can't find my notes on this right now but I am pretty certain they also contribute to the height of that linebox - i.e. the initial list-item linebox is as at least as high as the marker. For this reason I think allowing newlines might prove problematic; you're then effectively trying to size a linebox to accomodate content which is already multiline. Until I can recall the tests that will back me up on this point, I'm prepared to be corrected on this one.

3. inside positioning just generates a regular inline, so poses no more problem for white-space than any other inline. Insice markers should probably be considered separately to outside markers.

So if removing newlines does prove critical, you can't allow the user to override white-space on the ::marker, in case they try to keep newlines.

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