Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-sizing] Adding a 'size' shorthand for 'width'/'height' (#820)

> Getting some feedback from other printing software would be useful here.

We also hope for more parties commenting on this. Maybe adding `[css-page-3]` to the title would draw the necessary attention.

If it is any help, we found that of 4 user agents that support `size` (Chrome, PDFreactor, Prince, AH Formatter), 3 do not support `width` and `height` at all and the remaining one, AH Formatter, does not resize the page as per the specification.
So, while there is one implementation that does not ignore `width` and `height`, its behavior deviates far enough from the specification that making it compliant to the current specification would be as much of a change as adapting it to our proposal.

> [what exactly retrieving `size` should return]

Returning 2 lengths, even after setting an identifier, looks like the best solution to us. Most script authors that have to retrieve the `size` would benefit from a consistent format and most likely prefer always getting lengths. 
For example, `size: A4`, just like `size: 210mm 297mm`, should result in `width: 210mm; height: 297mm` and, in turn, in `size: 210mm 297mm`.

On the other hand, to keep the identifier if (and only if) it has been set, would be possible, but require passing it to `width` and `height`, e.g. `width: A4; height: A4`, which we consider excessive. It would create a lot of additional work for the sake of symmetry.

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