Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] [varfont] Problem setting up a "4-style family" with variable fonts (#1289)

Similarly, I may want to load one (primary) variable font resource at one wght descriptor, and map it to the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek Unicode range of the CSS font that I'm creating, with font-family: "MyText" and font-weight: 400.

Then I may want to load another (secondary) variable font resource at a different wght descriptor, and map it to the Unicode ranges of Hebrew or Chinese or technical symbols (say, Noto or Apple SF Symbols) of the very same CSS font. 

The visual weights of my primary and secondary font resources at the same wght value will almost always be **different** (that's the nature of type design), so I want to be able to create a composite CSS font from two or more variable font resources, each of them initialized at a different wght descriptor.

Otherwise, all the CSS font stack, fallback, Unicode range stuff and the white point of CSS font descriptors is kinda useless. And the benefits of using variable fonts for compression and intelligent font fallback are extremely limited. 

And yes, it actually matters for weight **most**. 

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