Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] [varfont] Problem setting up a "4-style family" with variable fonts (#1289)

The point of font-weight, font-stretch, font-style *descriptors* is that you can "initialize" a CSS font within the CSS design space (which is controlled by those properties) from an arbitrary font resource.

Of course I want to be able to say: load this variable TTF at wght=650 and place it into the CSS font design space it as CSS font family "MyOwnFont" at font-weight: bold. 

That's the whole point. Just like CSS pixels are decoupled from real-life device pixels, CSS fonts are a virtual font system: 

You can define CSS fonts, that is, CSS font families and their members within the CSS family design space that is controlled using the font-weight, font-stretch and font-style  properties as well as Unicode ranges, and then you can "fill" those CSS fonts with font resources (multiple WOFFs or WOFF2s or SVG fonts or localfonts, picking the appropriate Unicode range and, what is also need, appropriate combination of font design axes).

That's how CSS works, and is supposed to work. 

The src: url("my.woff2#wght=650") describes the SOURCE of physical resources. The @font-face font-family, font-weight etc. describe the TARGET within the CSS font system. 

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