Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] Need additional value of word-break for Korean (#4285)

> I think it's practical for the site to add a few lines of code to scan the text and emit keep-all if the content has Hangul code points. They would then have better control over CSS properties.

While this would not be hard to write if you put keep-all on the whole text, it would also not serve the need: multilingual text exists, even in user generated content, and would be broken by this rule. Let's say I want to tweet / email / blog / write into a word-365 document / ... the first sentence of the Japanese wikipedia page about Seoul ( This is mostly Japanese text, which would be broken by applying keep-all, but it contains 4 syllables of hangul, which would trigger the kind of script you mentioned. Sure, it isn't appropriate to use this script if you know the the content is going to be in Japanese, but the author of the twitter / gmail / wordpress / office 365 / ... doesn't know what the content is going to be when it is content from users. That doesn't mean they can't have an opinion of who text ought to be typeset if it is or contains hangul.

On the other hand, it would be hard to write the kind of script that generate a span around the bits that are in Hangul to put keep-all on, and leave the rest alone.

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