Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-scrollbars][css-scrollbars-1] Should we also add scrollbar width control? (#1958)

As a "page author" I'm going to completely customize the GUI. If you make a specification that is pointless I will literally just completely ignore it and implement the features clients request my own way thereby negating the efforts of a "specification". I see zero reason for debate because hot-damn this stuff is ridiculously easy.

 - Where are the unit definitions referred to in the specification? "thin" has no definition thus making the specification **_USELESS_** as each environment will implement it's own version thereby negating the whole point of having _consistent_ "thin" as a value. Drop thin like a body in the the Manhattan and use _normal_ CSS units.
 - All CSS units are _valid_ and if you don't think so then you obviously haven't visited the website of someone gifted in design and GUI.
- It's a width, not something else. Concerned about height? Treat it exactly like width: auto, initial, 0, 100%, 20px etc. Length is the number of text characters in an element/form/etc. Use consistent terminology.
 - CSS variables allow CSS calc to combine with a competent implementation of scrollbar-width to address issues of handling content especially on mobile.
 - Trust that authors are competent and that the specifications reflect the needs of professionals and not how the browser should handle amateurs; trust that the market will know how to sort amateurs from the professionals.
 - Is your browser user-hostile and refuses true customization? Then don't add support for something and watch the market walk away from you. Or be the professional your "boss" hired and tell them this is what needs to be done whether they like what the market demands or not.
 - Concerned about future properties (e.g. scrollbar-margin, scrollbar-padding)? Then debut the feature using an already specific property (scrollbar-border).
 - Not providing a flexible specification leads to others walking away and challenging the competence and thus authoritative value of a given standards body.

I highly recommend listening to the market which in this case are people who build and design using the specifications or in the absence of competent specifications hacky-work-arounds. While I am not _the_ market as a whole I am the lead developer of a web platform and have to handle ensuring reasonably defaults without denying clients the ability to customize to their heart's content.

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