Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-filters] What is the behavior of a <url> reference to a display:none SVG filter? (#4213)

I've put up an expanded test at,output testing filters in different situations.

The table below summarises the results as they are now, and the expected results as  *I understand* they are supposed to be based on the above resolution, namely: missing, invalid or display:none filters are treated as if the filter wasn't specified, but otherwise it's as described in filter-effects-1.

The current situation is pretty inconsistent:

<th>Test / Output</th><th>FF</th><th>Chrome</th><th>Safari</th><th>Expected</th>
<td>Filter missing (CSS)</th><td>none</td><td>unfiltered</td><td> unfiltered </td><td>unfiltered</td></tr>
<td>Filter invalid (CSS)</th><td>none</td><td> unfiltered </td><td> unfiltered </td><td>unfiltered</td></tr>
<td>Filter empty (CSS)</th><td>none</td><td> unfiltered </td><td> unfiltered </td><td>none</td></tr>
<td>Filter display=none (CSS)</th><td>filtered</td><td>unfiltered </td><td> unfiltered </td><td>unfiltered</td></tr>
<td>Filter missing (SVG)</th><td>none</td><td>none</td><td>none</td><td>unfiltered</td></tr>
<td>Filter invalid (SVG)</th><td>none</td><td>none</td><td>none</td><td>unfiltered</td></tr>
<td>Filter empty (SVG)</th><td>none</td><td>none</td><td>none</td><td>none</td></tr>
<td>Filter display=none (SVG)</th><td>filtered</td><td>none </td><td> none </td><td>unfiltered</td></tr>

* _unfiltered_=output is unchanged, _filtered_=filter is applied, _none_=no output at all.
* _missing_ means the referenced URL is not there
* _invalid_ means the URL is a `filter` object but it's syntactically invalid
* _empty_ means the `filter` is there but it has no `fePrimitive` children.
* _display=none_ means the filter has `display="none"`
* _CSS_ means filter is referenced on a `<div>`, _SVG_ means it's referenced  on a `<rect>`

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