Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-4] Text-spacing is too strict (#3229)

Maybe we should mention other ways of adding spacing between ideographs and non-ideographic letters and rules of fullwidth punctuation collapsing in {c,j}lreq too.

In the mean time, I agree that the lreq documents are not normative and the exact rule varies from one design house to another, and we should add a UA-dependent (and locale-sensitive) `auto` value. Although (unfortunately) that value can't be the default, we can experiment with it and see if we can have any strict definition later.


FWIW, here are some of the relevant sections in jlreq/clreq:

* [jlreq § 3.2.6 Handling of Western Text in Japanese Text using Proportional Western Fonts](
* [clreq § 3.2.4 Handling Western Text in Chinese Text Using Proportional Western Fonts](
* [jlreq § 3.1.4 Positioning of Consecutive Opening Brackets, Closing Brackets, Commas, Full Stops and Middle Dots](
* [clreq § 3.1.6 Compression Rules for Punctuation Marks]( (it is being rewritten

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