Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] A question for the procedure to compute the resolved value of "line-height" (#3749)

@emilio wrote:
> I disagree, what we return is the value for line-height that is used during layout.

Indeed, me too.  There seems to be some confusion in this issue about what the used value of the `line-height` property is.  That's odd, because [the spec]( is utterly clear on this:

> **`normal`**
>     Tells user agents to set the used value to a "reasonable" value based on the font of the element. The value has the same meaning as `<number>`. We recommend a used value for 'normal' between 1.0 to 1.2. 
> **`<number>`**
>     The used value of the property is this number multiplied by the element's font size.

Given those definitions and the fact that Blink returns a pixel-value for `<number>`, it seems it could trivially implement what the spec says.

To highlight exactly how Gecko does it, here's the [key lines](,2824-2826,2832-2835).

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