Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values-4] Should physical units in specified values in calc() collapse into px unit when serialized? (#3741)

> Is this a typo, @TalbotG ?

No typo. I was referring to what was happening in the (original) 4 sub-tests test page.

I have edited my original message a bit. I removed the link to MS-Edge 18 results since MS-Edge 44 is now being used (instead of MS-Edge 18) to check all the tests in wpt repository.

> the units are left alone during serialization if and only if they are the only unit used in the calc, but are simplified to px if there is more than one absolute unit in the expression

Indeed, this appears to be what is happening. And that is not what the specification tried to state for serialization of terms in calc() specified values.

I still very much believe that the specification should be made more clear or clarified somehow. Maybe with more examples. And with clearer statements. **The spec should explicitly state that mixed absolute units should not be resolved into px unit when serializing specified values**...

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